Anuncio Imagen is a company from Tijuana, Mexico founded in 1990. We provide a range of services and solutions designed to make marketing communication much easier, consistent and responsive through large format printing and advanced electronic technology.

What we do?

We are equipped with the best large format digital printing equipment in the market, to compliment our Billboards, signs, and other print services that are at your disposal. We have 6 electronic billboards strategically located to reach the public eye. We place your company's image where everyone can see it any time of the day!.

How we do it?

Although we use the latest technology in digital printing equipment, we do not consider that to be our greatest strength. That would be our productive and creative work environment, in which our team is committed to providing the highest level of QUALITY and CUSTOMER service. Our team is always prepared to go the extra mile for our clients! Anuncio e Imagen's primary goal is always to find the perfect product that best suits our client. It is our attention to detail and customer satisfaction that separates us from the rest and always keeps us a step ahead of our competitors

Our mission

To provide a versatile effective and efficient experience in the international marketing field. To provide a consistent and responsive message to the audience through large format printing and electronic billboards.