In what type of materials do we print on?

Digital of grand format: Canvas, mesh, vinyl, micro-perforated. Serigraphy: Autoadherible, styrene, PVC, Coroplast, Aluminum, Crystal and paper.

In what format shall I bring my files for printing?

All files shall be worked on CMYK of origin, not in R GB transformed to CMYK, in case of using black color, this shall be composed, C;100, M:100, Y:100, K:100.

In format JPG or TIFF at 10% the original size to 300dpi, in case you bring it in Corel, Illustrator, Freehand or Photoshop, they shall be at 10% of the real size, with the text in curves.

How shall I bring my spot for electronic screens?

The video format shall be .avi or .mov 320 x 192 pixels 24 squares per second without compression.