Our billboards are a very effective way to promote your company, because we know how important is the rentability of our locations and we can assure the success of your campaigns. Ask for this service, be sure that we have the perfect solution according to you company's needs.

If you're already an AIE client, you can access to our client's area.


Av. Internacional A

Av. Internacional B

Blvd. Fundadores A

Blvd. Fundadores B

5 y 10 - Rosarito A

5 y 10 - Rosarito B

Rosarito - 5 y 10 A

Rosarito - 5 y 10 B

Las Americas A

Las Americas B

Linea Lado Izq. A

Linea Lado Izq. B

Linea Sentri San Ysidro A

Linea Sentri San Ysidro B

Gato Bronco A

Gato Bronco B